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Grants and Projects

Crucial Department Grants and Projects:


Identification of health risks from paper and paperboard based food packaging

Development of new food based on food industry by-products

Semi industrial / Proven Technologies

Methods and criteria to verify food and food raw materials authenticity

Technological processing effect on nutritionally important substances and contaminants fate in baby and infant nutrition

Updated: 12.11.2014 23:34, Author: Lukáš Vápenka

University of Chemistry and Technology
Technická 3
166 28 Prague 6 - Dejvice

The University is situated in the northwest direction of metro station Dejvická, near Vítězné náměstí in Prague 6.

The University occupies three buildings in Dejvice (see the map):
Building A - Technická 5
Building B - Technická 3 (Department of Food Preservation)
Building C - Studentská 6
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